Italy, the land of great wines,
is enriched by a new protagonist.

Novebolle - Romagna DOC Spumante

Italy, the land of great wines,
is enriched by a new protagonist:
Novebolle – Romagna DOC Spumante.

Starting from the rediscovery of a prestigious Romagna sparkling wine from the beginning of the 1900s, this extraordinary project brings a new wine of great value to new light by revisiting it, and making it the start point to promote the entire territory.

Five words contain the essence of Novebolle: 1900s, territory, roots, new, undiscovered. The bubbles of this Romagna sparkling wine are the skillful mix of ancient elegance and contemporary energy. Their racing towards the surface of the glass effervescently interprets the way of living in an area of unparalleled beauty and variety.

This project represents a great opportunity for the whole of Romagna. The Novebolle brand was created to enhance the historic vine of Trebbiano and to promote an innovative version of Sangiovese, all through the protection and enhancement of the area of origin, generating value over the entire production chain.

This is a wide-ranging vision that strongly aims to promote the territory of Romagna and enhance its identity on a national and international level.

History, lifestyle, beauty and positivity. Novebolle signifies taste and the irresistible desire to celebrate. A sparkling wine so unique and enticing da richiederlo ovunque - ask for it anywhere!

Producers of Novebolle

Cantina Forlì Predappio

Cantina sociale di Cesena


Poderi dal Nespoli

Terre Cevico

Assirelli Vittorio


Tenuta Masselina

Nero del Bufalo

La Collina del Tesoro

Tenute Bacana



The very conception of Romagna DOC Spumante indicates the primary meaning it wants to convey:
Novebolle as the great innovation that originates from the magnificent experience of sparkling wine production in Romagna in the early 1900s.'

Through the eras, the details of this story with strong roots and international acclaim gradually faded. However, there is abundant evidence found in historical publications of the area that proclaim the elegance and quality of Romagna sparkling wines, to the point of equating them with Champagne.

Nine is also the number of Romagna hills and this reference to the territory embellishes the name of Novebolle and attributes to it an even deeper meaning.

The characteristics that define this new Romagna DOC Spumante summarize the everlasting embrace between past and present, territory and roots, rediscovery and inspiration, contemporary passion and audacity. A unique, oscillating force ready to explore new frontiers.

Novebolle, nine, and new. A new concept of sparkling, a new way of celebrating a classic territoriality that is now rediscovered and championed in a new light.

The Territory- Romagna

Novebolle speaks the language of a land, Romagna, that is accompanied by a multitude of enchanting landscapes.

Ancient and contemporary, this lush, abundant and generous territory runs between the sea and the Apennines, rippling in hills, geometrized by the parcels of land, of orchards and vineyards, scattered with farmhouses, medieval villages, towers and fortresses.

A large, widespread habitat, where the land shifts and the aspects differ, the vines and the exposures vary, and where from one valley to the other, and from every hilltop, the dialects and recipes evolve.

A treasure to be discovered, that still shines brightly in its authenticity, ready to welcome the world and go the distance to share its story and identity.

It is in these places that Novebolle is born, in this land that is much more than a place. Here dreams find the perfect energy to be realized and the daring souls ready to share them.

The Logo: what it represents

Wood-engraved and inked - identity and novelty of the early 1900s.

This is a story full of charm that speaks of sparkling wines from the beginning of the last century, lost and then rediscovered.

Equally precious is the history linked to the creation of the Novebolle logo. It was not just an exercise in style, but the opportunity to conduct a real passionate typographic research. This digging into the past has unveiled an ancient Romagna world of great skill, which today is rediscovered and shared thanks to Novebolle.

The letters of Novebolle are different mobile typographic characters from Romagna dating back to the early 1900s. Thus far unpublished, they are hidden gems of the local artistic scene that, for the first time have been digitized and transformed.

The striking Liberty style of the Novebolle logo is original in every detail and unveils anew the infinite wealth of the Romagna region in a contemporary style.

Here, we present a tribute to the origins that, at first glance, gives the suggestion of vines of the early 1900s. These rows inspired the creation of that wonderful sparkling wine that soon won the praise of many admirers.

It is no coincidence that in the same historical period we were able to witness the birth of what today would be defined as a real communication campaign: there are several publications of the era that communicate the story of a white wine from Romagna suitable for every toast and every occasion.



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